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Break Free. Make Friends. Gain Valuable Work and Life Experience.


We are a company based in the United States and offer gap year, career breaks and work exchange programs that will change your life. Earn money living, working and traveling abroad. Choose Australia or New Zealand. Or both!


Gain experience working with children and benefit from amazing social opportunities and the freedom to grow as an individual. 


Be a traveler, not a tourist. Live life as a local.


Our programs are open to US & Canadian citizens aged 18 to 30, with a high school diploma or GED. If you have a passion for working with children and a sense of adventure, why not spend time living and working in Australia or New Zealand?  Or both! 


Live your wanderlust and get paid at the same time.


 Stir your world today! 



Au Pair in Australia  |   Au Pair in New Zealand

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