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Endless Summer to Lovely Autumn

June 10, 2018

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8 Benefits of Working and Traveling Abroad

October 19, 2017

1) Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone


The quote "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" rings true.

While growing up you are surrounded by familiar people and places such as your friends, family, and neighborhood. You fall into a routine and become comfortable in the small bubble you've protected yourself in all these years, but the issue with staying inside your comfort zone is that you haven't truly experienced the beauty of life itself yet.


When you step outside of your comfort zone, you learn valuable life skills in areas you never imagined. You learn to be adaptable to different situations and how to interact with people from various backgrounds. You enrich yourself in the beauty of life and grow as a person who has a better understanding of the world around them. There is nothing more valuable than being able to have a worldly perspective and learn from all the different experiences you immerse yourself in. 


2) Traveling Builds Confidence


It's the small things that matter. 

From learning how to navigate your way around using public transportation, to navigating your way through the grocery store, each of these small activities help to build up your confidence when living in a new place. By having to teach yourself the basics all over again, you create a sense of independence and self-sufficiency which will carry you far in this world. 


3) Can Open Unexpected Doors


You never know what's out there unless you try. 

When traveling to a new place you get the opportunity to experience all types of new and exciting things. This means that you have a lot of experiences you haven't experienced before. This could include meeting different types of people, doing new activities, experiencing the societies work culture, etc. You may find that you really enjoy what you're doing and how much it differs from everything you were taught while growing up. You'd be surprised of the endless possibilities out there waiting for you to find them. 


4) Differentiating Your Resume


Want to know a great way to stick out to employers? WORKING ABROAD!

What's cooler than being able to have on your resume that you worked in Australia or New Zealand? You can tell your employer all about the amazing opportunities and activities you got to do while working abroad! They'll be impressed by your initiative and independence in choosing to work abroad and see that you have a open mind to new experiences and opportunities! 


5) Developing Cultural Sensitivity


Understanding other cultures society and values is very important, especially in our rapidly changing world. The ability to understand why another culture does something differently than yours helps us not only understand each other better but also helps to unify us as a whole. This is a very useful ability to have because it means you can be very versatile and work in all types of situations with all types of different people. 


6) Great Networking Opportunities


Making connections with friends and work colleagues you meet while working abroad could be one of the biggest benefits of working abroad. Not only do you have awesome new connections, but you have awesome new connections in a different country/ continent! This could be a huge opportunity for you to get your foot back in the door if you ever wanted to come back to that country or even move their permanently one day! 


7) Ability to Be Adaptable


This whole article has basically told you how working abroad will widen your horizons and change you as a person. It will give you the social skills, personal skills and business skills to be able to successfully mold yourself to new situations and take new problems and challenges head on. You will feel more confident in yourself when stepping out of your comfort zone because you've already done it before!  


8) Gaining Experience and Memories that will last a Lifetime! 


Traveling to anywhere is always an experience in itself. Being able to work and travel is double the experience. Not only do you get to sightsee, meet new people and experience a new culture but you also get to gain a understanding of their business society and culture as well! You'll gain work experience that you can't gain anywhere else other than working abroad and make amazing memories in the process! 

Check out Our Australia Work & Travel Program or out New Zealand Work & Travel Program! 

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